Mother and Child Health & Nutrition

Multi-stake holder initiative in Giridih

The multi-stakeholder initiative aims to build up capacity of frontline village health workers on community based rehabilitation of malnourished children. We focus on children with wasting indicators and encourage coordination at community level with a range of interventions like screening, positive deviance, nutrition sensitive agriculture and follow up with families.

Fight Hunger First Initiative : A right based approach to food and nutrition security in Jharkhand

Food and Nutrition security is one of the most severe challenges in overall well-being of Jharkhand. The nutritional status of children under 5 years of age and women is alarming and an emergency condition. Abhivyakti Foundation is contributing to the food and nutrition security initiatives through a life cycle approach and holistic programming to prepare the community respond to challenges of access, availability, use and sustainability ie. The four pillars of food and nutrition security.

Our Activities

Community based screening and rehabilitation of children under risk of malnutrition. Household level nutrition sensitive microplanning and integrated farming with families at risk of malnutrition. Participatory Learning and Action to Link Agriculture with Nutrition and Natural Resources (LANN). Activating local services for health and nutrition. Community based monitoring of services. Conservation and promotion of uncultivated food.

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