Sustainable Agriculture

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In recent year’s food and Nutrition security, livelihood security, water security as well as natural resources conservation and environment protection have emerged as major issues worldwide. Developing countries are struggling to deal with these issues and also have to content with the dual burden of climate change and globalization. It has been accepted by everyone across the globe, that sustainable development is the only way to promote rational utilization of resources and environmental protection without hampering economic growth. Developing countries are promoting sustainable agricultural practices which will help them in addressing as well as environmental issues simultaneously.

Our Interventions

Abhivyakti Foundation Promotes sustainable agriculture to enhance farm productivity and production diversity; makes farming climate-resilient and nature friendly and works towards sustainable management of natural resources.

Our sustainable Agriculture approach enhances the adaptive capacities of farmers to mitigate the risk of climate change; reduce the cost of cultivation, sustainable land use and production system.

Sustainable Agriculture

  1. Sustainable Integrated Farming System
  2. Kitchen Garden
  3. Agro-Horti Model
  4. Low-Cost Community Nursery
  5. Soil Health Management
  6. Promotion and Conservation of Uncultivated Food
  7. Saral Usna - Rice parboiler
  8. Integrated Pest Management

Agro-met Agro Advisory

  1. Farmers Led Weather-Based Agro Advisory
  2. Farmers Filed School

Our Impact

  5000 Families practicing Kitchen Garden regularly
  1600 Rural Youths trained on Green livelihood practices
  10000 farmers practice sustainable Agriculture
  5 Farmers producer organization established and benefiting to 3000 farmers

Sustainable Development Goal Alignments (SDG) –

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