• "Enhancing food diversity and farm income through Integrated Farming System"

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  • "Building resilience of small and marginal farmers through climate-smart agriculture"

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  • "Enhancing Green Skills for improved income with diversified livelihood basket"

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  • Abhivyakti Foundation is motivated by the Gandhian philosophy and it follows the endogenous theory of development.

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Abhivyakti started as an informal group of young social activists to promote social and cultural activities like Srijanutsav, natyamahotsava, folk arts exhibition and other school/ college activities within Giridih district, which had a long void after its glorious past. The basic idea was to promote values of peace, non-violence, national integrity and sustainable development practices.

As the team gradually increased its field presence and activities it was felt necessary to give a legal identity and formal structure to the organization. This led to a legal form and Abhivyakti became Abhivyakti Foundation, a trust registered under the Indian Trust Act,1882 on the world population day i.e. 11th July, 2002. The day is observed as Abhivyakti Day by the team and associated volunteers to revisit the organization’s values and philosophy. The organization is working with local youth to promote volunteerism and foster social entrepreneurship and creativity among them.

Abhivyakti Foundation is motivated by the Gandhian philosophy and it follows the endogenous theory of development. We believe in the inherent values and bottom up planning for the development of lowest sections of society. This requires active involvement of local communities in the participatory process for development.

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Social Entreprise

Abhivyakti Foundation through its social enterprises 'saral usna' is one of the top ten incubatees of the first cohort of start up nexus - an initiative of University of Texas and FICCI.

Nexus is a collaboration between the American Embassy, New Delhi and ACIR to showcase the best of American and Indian Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Commercialization.

Saral Usna:The Rice Per Boiler

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Story of Change

Nutrition sensitive farming system,Purnea, Bihar

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Doubling Farm income through Integrated Farming System

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